🧠 Plus: A 2 x2 happiness framework, the wickedness of weight loss and my best health investment that's under $100.
🧠 Plus: Being the expert on you, habit bundles, and setting higher bars and longer runways.
🧠 Plus: A training tip, writing for weight loss and a food prep tip.
🧠 Plus: The power of curiosity, the psychology of food colours, and being an anomaly.
🧠 Plus:The power of long runways, becoming a world-class sleeper and not giving your pain a voice.
🧠 Plus: 6 solutions to avoid, weight loss lessons from The Savanah Bananas, and the power of thinking out loud.
🧠 Plus: Be careful what you say - your brain is listening, become your own documentarian, and focusing on your daily wins.
🧠 Plus: Creating a weight loss identity, sweating the small stuff, and mastering the art of breathing.
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The Psychology of Weight Loss